Managed Webinar Service

managed webinar service provider

Deliver cost effective training, seminars and online classes with ConferTel’s professionally managed webinar service. ConferTel handles every aspect of webinar production for a flawless delivery.

We provide Section 508 compliant webinars with our closed captioning add-on.

With our managed webinar service simply,

checkincircle.gif Determine the Topic of interest checkincircle.gif Identify the presenter

And we will take care of the details,

checkincircle.gif Online registration, payment processing checkincircle.gif Attendee reminders, presenter training
checkincircle.gif Phone and web presence checkincircle.gif Post-seminar surveys, on-demand replay
Easiest Platform to Use – Expert Support Throughout Your Webinar
Our Webinar Experts will set-up and customize registration pages, post-event surveys, uploading your presentation, provide your speaker with hands-on training and our professional moderator will be on the webinar to managed your event with introductions, live Q&A, recording and any technical questions or issues. With our managed webinar service, we handle all the technical and customer support inquiries so that you only have to focus on delivering your presentation.Risk-Free Payment Structure
With ConferTel’s per-participant fee structure, you have absolutely no financial risk or obligation. We retain a fixed portion of the registration fee collected from each attendee, which covers all costs associated with the e-Learning or online webinar, meaning you never write a check.After the webinar, ConferTel will provide you with a detailed reconciliation and a check for the total proceeds,less the per-registrant fee.Revenue Opportunity
Webinars are a great way to generate revenue especially for Associations that are looking to generate non-dues revenue. You decide the amount of the fee, while the charge per registrant is fixed. ConferTel looks after all the administration, so you can relax and focus on the content while we handle the technology and production, a great solution for companies and organizations with limited staffing resources.

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Detailed Features

Branded Online Registration

online registration for all participantsBranded with your company logo or ad banner and accessible from your web site or email invitation, ConferTel will handle the event registration process for your webinar, leaving you to focus on the marketing and content.

Payment Processing

credit card processing built into the registration processConferTelsecurely processes credit card charges through our merchant account. We can a accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Debit Cards and checks.

Verified Admission

verified admission with conference viewAttendees are verified by a unique confirmation pin that is assigned to each registrant prior to entering the webinar.

Registration Reminders

Outlook calendar integrationRegistrants receive email confirmations and reminder emails, at intervals you select, to increase attendance.

Branded Greeting

Customized greeting for your participantsAttendees are greeted with a pre-recorded customized greeting before being placed into the  webinar.


Professional Moderator

Live operator to manage your call

Your webinar will be handled by a courteous and professional moderator to provide introductions, live Q&A and additional in-event support. Our live event monitoring ensures a smooth webinar from pre-conference through event conclusion.

Q&A and Polling

Live Q&A sessions and Polling to engage participantsWith interactive question and answer sessions and participant polling you can gain immediate feedback from your attendees. Polling can also be
used as an attention monitor.

Slideshow with No Downloads
show a powerpoint slideshow with no downloads for participants

Our browser-based presentation tool easily allows you to share a PowerPoint slideshow with no software to download for your participants or presenters.

Toll-Free Audio and Audiocast
provide flexibility to webinar participants by providing toll-free audio and computer speaker access

Integrated high quality audio available as a toll-free dial in number or participants can listen to the audio through computer speakers.

Real-Time Reporting
registration and attendance reporting

Registration and attendance reports available daily, weekly and post-event. Reports are CSV format for easy import into contact management systems.

Premium Options

Recording and Pin-Driven Replay

Record your webinar for on-demand replayDigitally record your Webinar for immediate playback —24/7. Increase your revenue stream through pay-per-view replay access.

Movie and YouTube Player
Play streaming movies during your webinar with no downloads

Stream a video during your webinar by adding your movies in a secure environment or elect to play public domain YouTube movies.

Virtual Whiteboard
Record your teleseminar for on-demand replay

The integrated White Board allows presenters to draw lines, shapes, arrows, add text, use a laser pointer and make their point with unprecedented ease.

Testing and Automated Certificates

have webinar participants take tests and receive certificates of completionImplement the full-cycle process of training or online learning with this testing module. Customize your tests with various question types. Custom certificates are emailed to registrants after the event.

Streaming Captioning for Hearing Impaired
Closed captioning service for any online meeting or conference call

Ensure that people who are deaf or hard of hearing can fully participate in your event and guarantee that you are ADA and Section 508 compliant with this professionally-created closed captions service.

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