Audio Conferencing : A Full Suite of Audio Conferencing Solutions

From quick and easy service at the touch of a button to carefully orchestrated presentations and events, you’ll find what you need in our suite of services.

Conference Calls

Self Managed
Conference Calls


Conference Calls

Full service unassisted audio conferencing for everyday use with toll-free or toll dial in numbers. Same excellent features as EventCall without the operator. We provide you with touch-tone controls to do everything an operator can do. EventCall streamlines large-scale, high profile conference calls that require special attention. This operator-assisted service is typically used for larger calls that require white glove service.
On-demand 24/7 Reservation required Reservation required
Online account management, pre/post conference, auto dial-out from list, visual monitoring, optional billing codes, touchtone moderator controls Pre/post conference coordination, polls, surveys, priority Q&A, call monitoring, auto dial out from list, convenience features Operator assistance w/ greeting, Q&A, attendance tracking, participant screening, call scripting
Optional features: Recording and replay, custom greeting, transcription, captions Optional features:
Integrated web presentation with video, recording, branded participant registration, transcription
Optional features: Recording and replay, custom greeting, branded participant registration, transcription
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