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Why Choose OmniPresent Web Conference?

As web conferencing is becoming a standard business communication tool, finding the ideal solution for your business is more challenging than ever before. OmniPresent sets new standards in quality, ease-of-use, reliability, scalability and customizability. With OmniPresent’s next generation web conferencing system, you can reliably deliver rich-content presentations in a secure and versatile environment.

High Quality Audio and HD Video

Live Audio and  Video Streaming

OmniPresent rooms offer integrated high quality audio with echo cancellation and HD quality video with 30 frames-per-second. OmniPresent supports multiple simultaneous videos for effective video conferencing.

Recast Recording and Replay

Recording and Archiving

Present’s unique Recast technology allows you to replay events exactly the way they happened live in a fully interactive environment. Unlike traditional screen recording, that generate large movie files, Recast is a reenactment of the original presentation and offers viewers the same level of interactivity as the original one. Attendees may type chat, take polls or download files from the Documents folder as if they event was live. Recast enables on-demand and group mode replays. Imagine replaying a webinar for a new audience a week later without the hassle of redoing it from scratch and the same quality and interactivity.

Auto Starting Webinars

Branded Interface

Leveraging the unique Recast solution (see above) and the Event Manager, you can schedule an automated Recast replay. Imagine scheduling a promotional or educational webinar for a different time zone that will run interactively even while you are asleep.

Slide Show Module

Screen Sharing & Remote Control

Presenters can upload and convert any Microsoft PowerPoint (2003-2010) files from their computers with a few mouse clicks. The converted document preserves all animations and transitions, and can be played for attendees at any time. The Slide Show module adjusts the sized of the slides automatically to each viewer’s screen. Easy-to-use drawing tolls including a Laser Pointer allow presenters to add annotations to each individual slide in real-time as they present to the viewers.

Virtual White Board

Virtual White Board

During a presentation you may need to draw a sketch or a quick outline. Similar to an actual board in a meeting room, the integrated White Board in the OmniPresent platform allows presenters to draw lines, shapes and arrows, add text, use a Laser Pointer and make their point with unprecedented ease. The content of the White Boards is persistent and hence remains on the board for your future sessions. A snapshot function allows generating an image from the contents.

Movie and YouTube Player

Participant List & Rights Management

OmniPresent web conference platform offers HD streaming vide3o through its Movie Player module. You may add new movies in a secure environment or elect to play publicly available YouTube movies. Leveraging this powerful tool, you can show your audience videos for promotional or training purposes as an example. The Movie Player also allows you to record using your Webcam and add it to the list of available streaming videos.

Instant Poll and Survey

Messaging and Chat

At any time during your on-line trainings or webinars you can start a premade or an improvised poll and get instant feedback from the participants. Results are saved in room reports. This easy-to-use feature adds a higher degree of interaction with your attendees.

Document and Link Sharing

Document Sharing

Using the Documents Folder in the OnmiPresent platform presenters and moderators can upload any type of files or links and make them available for attendees to access at any time. This creates a room library. For instance you may place PDF format brochures in the Documents folder so your prospect customers in a marketing demo can download them into their own computers. Items marked as Private are only viewable by moderators or presenters.

Twitter Updates

IOS and Android Compatible

A seamless integration with Twitter allows presenters to send Tweets to their followers from within the room or promote their events by scheduling Twitter updates in the OmniPresent Event Manager.

Telephone iBridgeVOIP Audio & Integrated Conferencing

The iBridge creates a connection between the audio in the room and any telephone line outside of the room. For example, you may use the iBridge to call a conference bridge and have two-way audio communication between in-room and on-the-phone participants.

Advertising BannerBranded Interface

Reflect your brand by having your web  conference room customized with your logo.

Closed CaptioningClosed Captioning

Closed Captioning allows TV-like sub-titling for the live room. In addition to offering compliance with laws such as the US Section 508, Closed Captioning can be used for other in-room instant text display.

Full ReportingAdvanced Reporting

As soon as a session is terminated, a full report on attendance including contact information and the duration of attendance, along with the transcripts of messages, results of Instant Polls become available in the Reports section of the “Admin Page”. Reports can also be downloaded in Microsoft Excel format.

Event Manager / RegistrationEvent Manager / Registration

A comprehensive Event Registration system accompanies your OmniPresent account. You may choose to set up formal events through the Event Manager. After participants register, automated messages and reminders are sent via email or Text Messaging (all messages can be customized). All of the reigistrants’ information is available in event reports. A Microsoft Outlook plug-in is also available.

No Software, No Plug-insNo Software, No Plug-ins

Your attendees will not have to install any software or plug-ins. OmniPresent Web Conference runs on Flash technology, present on over 99% of computers worldwide. Studies show that every time a software install is required (as small as it may be) it prevents access to up to 15% of new users as they man not have admin rights to install or installations simply fail.

Mobile SupportMobile Support

OmniPresent offers an app for Apple iOS devices (iPhone and iPad) as well as Android smart phones and tablets. All features are supported for attendees to view live webinars / presentations on the go.

Customizable InterfaceCustomizable Interface

In addition to customized color skins, logos and banners for your rooms, you can also easily configure your rooms’ features and placements. For instance you can decide to place slide shows and live videos side by side and the chat area under the live video.