Unassisted Conference Call Quick Start Guide

Easy Access

Simply dial your Toll-Free number from any touch tone phone. International callers outside the U.S. and Canada may dial the Toll number or can be out-dialed at favorable International Rates. We also have integrated toll free access from selected countries.

Wallet Card

After signing up for service (or creating a new sub account), each moderator can request a Wallet Card containing conferencing access information and moderator control instructions by logging into their account.

Instant Call Summary Report

Immediately following every call, the moderator receives an email providing all call details, services used, time attended by each participant and the total conference minutes.

Moderator Controls

The moderator can control various aspects of the conference (Lock, Mute, Record, etc.) simply by pressing the keys on their telephone keypad or logging into their account and viewing a live call via the Call Hub. Instructions can be viewed here:  Moderator Controls.

Moderator Dial-Out

At any time after you have initiated a conference, you can dial out to bring another party into the conference. Click here to learn how.

Conference Security

You have the option of visually monitoring conference participation by logging into the Call Hub at www.confertel.net and entering your email and password.

Name Announcement (Entry/Exit options)

A tone is heard by default when participants enter or exit a conference. Alternatively, you can require participants to record their name when dialing into conference. Their name is then announced when the participant enters and/or exits the conference or when a Roll Call is requested. To activate the Name Announcement feature, log into your account at www.ConferTel.net with your email address and password and click on “Advanced Settings”.

Accounting (Billing) Codes – User Defined

Each moderator profile can be set to assign conference calls to cost centers, projects, client matters or other cost objectives.  Accounting Codes can be fixed or prompted (“on-the-fly” when dialing into conference). Once established, the Accounting Code appears on the Call Summary and Monthly Billing Statement. You can change the call summary accounting codes by clicking on the accounting code hyperlink. Accounting Codes are optional and can be selected on an individual Moderator basis, under “Advanced Settings”.

Recording and Playing Back

To record your call simply press 6# at any time after you have entered the conference and follow the prompts.

You can store multiple recordings at a time, regardless of length.

To listen to a recording of a conference call:

(1)  Dial the ConferTel Instant Replay line at 800.852.7509.

(2)  When prompted, enter the Recording Code provided in the Call Summary followed by the # on your phone keypad.

(3)  Playback begins immediately.


Playback Controls

(1)  Skip back 30 seconds
(2)  Pause/Resume
(3)  Skip ahead 30 seconds

Conference Planner

To create profiles for conferences, automated attendee notification and identify attendees by name, use the Conference Planner. The profiles can be used to create participant lists for automated out dials.


In order to deliver the purest possible sound reproduction, we do not filter individual participant lines which can carry static or ambient noise into the conference. If you experience a sound quality issue, it is likely from an external source (a participant line or telephone equipment). Click on the following link for actions to take to isolate and correct various issues. Troubleshooting.

Questions? Call Customer Care 866.930.4500