NPO Charitable Contribution Program

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ConferTel’s Charitable Contribution Program allows non-profit organizations to secure a consistent, monthly contribution flow

from their corporate sponsors – while those corporations save money on their conference calling. The program is simple and risk free – as is the service. It represents a painless method for your corporate sponsors to support you and your many worthwhile objectives.


How does it work?

In return for introducing our service to your corporate sponsors, your organization receives a generous share of monthly conferencing services provided by ConferTel. There is no minimum commitment, term contract, or hidden charges and there is no financial obligation for the participating company or your organization. We believe we must earn our customers’ business every day.


A True Win – Win

Your sponsors save money – and you receive ongoing financial support.

At ConferTel we guarantee to save both your organization, and its sponsors, over what they are currently paying for conferencing. We will assist you to introduce the service to your sponsors, making sign-up extremely simple, and have strategies that reinforce their ongoing support.

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