Agent Program Recap


The ConferTel Conferencing Program is designed to generate recurring commissions and goodwill with customers and prospects.

ConferTel Conferencing Program:

Give 300 minutes of free phone conferencing and a free trial of web presentations to every customer or prospect by handing out the coupons to every customer or prospect as a “thank you” for taking the time to meet with you and include them with all proposals.

You will receive recurring monthly commission

How to use your marketing materials:


Offers your customers or prospects 300 minutes of free phone conferencing and a free trial of web presentations.  We customize these coupons to include your Company logo, name and producer number. (Please note: the coupons are 4-up, 1-sided and it’s best if you print them on a heavy paper stock).



webicon_2012Email Signature Link

This is an easy way to promote the free conferencing every time you send an email.  Include the free minutes promo as a hyperlink to a customized landing page we have created for your company with every email you send..

We’re here to help you, please call our marketing department directly at 866.930.4527 if you should have any questions or concerns, or if you feel that there are additional marketing materials you need.

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